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Experiential Negotiation Education


PATHWAYS’ approach is based on the “Harvard methodology” for interest-based negotiation, in which negotiation can be transformed from an adversarial, competitive process into collaborative problem solving.


Through experiential workshops and pedagogical programs, we explore with participants a structured framework for negotiation that promotes increased engagement and leadership while improving interpersonal relationships.


Workshops are typically comprised of:


  • Ice-breakers to help participants get to know one another and to build a participatory, safe group dynamic.
  • Simulations to reveal common assumptions and key concepts in a fun, and memorable way – and to create shared group language and metaphors.
  • Role-plays where participants try negotiating situations – from common day-to-day life issues, to fictionalized high-stakes scenarios, to realistic custom cases – directly with a counterpart, followed by group discussion and reflection on what happened and identification of lessons learned.
  • Vocabulary and Frameworks for organizing thinking and promoting effective approaches to negotiation and communication.
  • Tools for individual and group preparation.
  • Application Sessions to reinforce comprehension and practice using concepts.
  • Facilitated Reflections to articulate and explore participant experiences and lessons learned.