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Applications open for 2019-2020 Game Changers negotiation skills, leadership & exchange program

Secondary schools from the Brussels-Capital Region, Flanders and Wallonia are invited to apply to take part in the 2019-2020 Game Changers program.


Through experiential workshops held at participating schools, students will learn a problem-solving approach to negotiation based on methodology developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project, while connecting with students from a school from another commune/region, language community and background. 


This year, eight two-day Game Changers negotiation skills workshops will be conducted with paired Francophone and Flemish schools (with 20 students from each school). Motivated students will be invited to apply to a series of follow-on leadership seminars in which they will meet a variety of guest experts and connect with students from across participating schools. The program is conducted in English and will conclude with a special reception for program partners and a closing event for all participating students. 


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Applications are due by October 9, 2019. 



The Game Changers program is run by PATHWAYS asbl/vzw in partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Belgium, Scholengroep Brussel, KBR – the Royal Library of Belgium, Fulbright, and Solvay Brussels School for Economics & Management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Negotiation is a vital life skill. As they build their independence, secondary school students find themselves negotiating all the time: with friends about what to do on the weekend, with parents about where/what to study or travel plans, with teachers about special projects, with employers about work conditions. Gaining more real-world experience, young negotiators begin to reinforce habits and attitudes about what’s possible to achieve and how, often feeling caught between a sense that they must be aggressive and “hard” to pursue what they care about and to avoid getting taken advantage of, or that they have to be accommodating and “soft” so as not to rock the boat and to be liked by others. Learning a principled, creative approach to negotiation that is both assertive and cooperative can be a life-long game changer in how students approach interactions with those around them and what they can achieve together, whether in their personal, academic or professional lives. 

  • Gain a new vocabulary and framework to organize thinking about when and how to negotiate
  • Become leaders in “changing the game” from competing or avoiding to creatively collaborating
  • Discover tools for constructively problem-solving and managing conflict in daily life
  • Build skills relevant to future studies, professions, social engagement and family life
  • Gain confidence for taking initiative as a social entrepreneur and change maker
  • Serve as role models in schools and communities
  • Have the opportunity to join an interconnected leadership network with students across regions and communes
  • Improve English language skills, particularly speaking skills

All motivated teachers are welcomed to apply to take part (in particular teachers of English, Philosophy, Citizenship, Social Sciences). We are looking for groups of 20 committed 5th grade students from each school, from any educational track (including professional). Students can either be all from one class, or brought together from different groups. 

The program is conducted fully in English, allowing students to practice and benefit from a two day immersion without scrutiny or pressure. To fully participate, students must feel comfortable expressing themselves and reading short scenarios in English. Sessions with teachers will also be conducted in English.

The majority of costs are covered by program partners. Schools participate with a 300 EUR registration fee and are asked to cover the cost of lunch, drinks and snacks for participants from both schools on the day on which they host the workshop. Travel costs are the responsibility of the participants. 

Teachers will need to take part in: two teacher sessions on Wed afternoons; a two-day student workshop at school; a final reception; and a closing event. The Game Changers workshop for students runs 9am – 4pm over two weekdays, to be scheduled with participating schools. 

Student workshops will be scheduled with schools for January 2020 – February 2020. Each two-day Game Changers workshop will be held at participating schools (one day at each school) during the school week. Teacher sessions will be held in central Brussels. The optional “Negotiation Leaders” workshops for motivated students who apply and are accepted will be held March 4 and 11 at KBR and another location TBD in Brussels. A final reception will be held on March 18 and a closing ceremony will be organized for March 25-27 (TBD), both in Brussels.


Please submit your application by October 9, 2019

Contact us if you have any questions.

Please include street, city and area code