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Social Impact, Education & Leadership


PATHWAYS works with a variety of social impact, educational, and youth leadership associations (ASBL/vzw) in order to help their members and/or staff discover a principled approach to negotiation, to learn practical negotiation frameworks, and to establish a shared language for problem-solving and effective communication. Programs nurture collaborative teamwork and leadership skills and support organizations in their pursuit of their missions and in building dynamic communities and partnerships.


Impact on participants:


  • Gain self-awareness of negotiation habits and assumptions.
  • Learn a practical framework for preparing for day-to-day negotiations and problem-solving conversations.
  • Establish a shared language for collaborating with and learning from peers.
  • Strengthen ability to make the most of short-term and international volunteer/fellowship/internship placements.
  • Become creative and effective ambassadors for projects/organizations.
  • Build constructive working relationships with partners and beneficiaries.
  • Enhance ability to achieve desired social impact of projects and organizations.