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Negotiation Skill-Building, Leadership & Exchange

“Negotiation” is communicating with other people in order to try to reach agreements about things that we – and they – want and care about. In that sense, we all negotiate every day with the people around us. Whether with our friends, neighbors, teachers, family or colleagues, the way in which we conduct our day-to-day negotiations deeply affects how we relate with others and what we can accomplish. In today’s increasingly interconnected, interdependent and multicultural world, creative negotiation is an essential personal and professional life skill. To this end, PATHWAYS Institute for Negotiation Education works with students, educators and members of associations to develop knowledge, confidence and skills in principled negotiation and to establish a shared language and framework for creative problem solving based on methodology developed by the Harvard Negotiation Project.

Watch this student-made video to learn more about our co-curricular secondary school program that bring together students from paired Dutch-speaking and Francophone schools for experiential negotiation skills learning and exchange.




We conduct experiential workshops with schools we pair from across the city/region, creating a meaningful exchange with peers, building a shared framework for problem-solving, and providing an immersive opportunity to practice spoken English.

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In hands-on workshops and seminars, educators learn foundations of interest-based negotiation and practice applying practical frameworks relevant in and out of the classroom, equipping them to constructively engage students, colleagues, and parents.

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University students (business, law, political science, MUN, debate) learn a practical negotiation framework, establish a shared language and toolset, and incorporate the concepts and approach into their studies or co-curricular activities.

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Non-profit, social and educational associations can help their staff and/or members explore principled negotiation to help establish a shared culture for problem-solving and effective communication, and to nurture leadership skills.

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