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Educational Leadership & Professional Development


In workshops and seminars for educators, participants learn foundations of interest-based negotiation theory and practical frameworks for use in the classroom and schools. Educators strengthen working relationships with colleagues and develop a shared language and toolset. Teachers can also be supported in working together to explore opportunities to incorporate relevant ideas and frameworks into lesson plans and curricula. Coordinating parallel educator and student programs is a powerful way to nurture a constructive, engaged school culture.


Impact on participants:


  • Learn to apply interest-based negotiation concepts and tools – with students, colleagues, administrators, parents, etc.
  • Gain practical skills for engaging and empowering students
  • Reinforce and deepen relationships with colleagues
  • Develop self-awareness of assumptions and tendencies
  • Build flexibility in being able to purposefully respond in various ways to different types of difficult situations
  • Expand vision of being an educator, role model and change maker