Negotiation Leadership Workshop at Université Saint-Louis Builds Effective Communication and Problem-Solving Skills for MUN Delegates

PATHWAYS has partnered with Université Saint-Louis (USL) in Brussels to develop a unique two-part workshop for MUN delegates preparing to represent their university at international MUN programs in London (LIMUN) and New York (NMUN).

In session 1 of the workshop, participants discover the principled negotiation methodology developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project and explore together how concepts from the model apply to examples from international affairs.

In the second session, participants practice unmoderated discussion of researched topics, focusing on preparing and adapting to other participants using the “map” of the seven elements of negotiation articulated in the book Getting to Yes as a guide.

The workshop builds a shared language and framework to aid participants in preparing together and supporting one another, and builds their confidence and ability to be leaders in crafting creative, workable solutions to challenging issues.